Training Model

Our qualified instructors bring their insight, knowledge, and Quadrev teaching models to meet your specific needs in an interactive manner. Whether it is training on enhancement skill sets, new modules, or preparing you for a focused career, we deliver prescriptive or custom curricula to match your curiosity.

You can be confident that every Quadrev instructor has proven technical and real-world application knowledge.

Hands-on Live projects

Learning at Quadrev Learning Annex is most interactive and hands-on where we offer you the best of both worlds in learning; 30% of your course time is devoted to the learning of theoretical principles and 70% hands-on exercises to give you practical, hands-on experience, course activities and real-world simulations to help you apply your new skills immediately when you return to school or your job.

We build capacity to make our trainees market ready and as well give post-remote support.

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Learning Assessment

It is mandatory for our trainee to sit for our skill assessment test. Being certified by Quadrev Learning Annex is earned by successfully crossing our standard performance threshold.