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Quadrev Telecoms Learning Annex is Africa’s first premier modern Telecommunications training and learning company delivering a full range of Telecoms training and technical skills through flexible and innovative learning methods. The telecoms community turns to us for unparalleled knowledge, insight and highly specialist skills and services. Our ability to deliver a combination of high quality research and training makes our offer unique and extremely valuable to individuals and organizations.
We are helping in the growth of technical expertise in the industry through knowledge transfer and capacity building for Network operators, OEMs and Telecoms service companies. In addition, QUADREV cooperates with its top-tier industry chain partners to build laboratories focused on developing telecoms applications on new technologies and platforms on the new 4th Generation LTE for Network operators in Nigeria, hence providing local solution for a global telecoms Africa.
Next Batch of Telecommunications Training  commences November 28, 2016.

About Quadrev Telecoms

We at Quadrev Learning Annex believe in making things happen as the latest and fastest growing premier telecom research and Learning Annex. Quadrev is on the forefront of Telecom industry with our core focus on Next-Generation Telecom technologies. We offer specialized classroom/field-based, instructor-led courses on Advanced Wireless Communications. The knowledge-intensive courses are conducted at our Telecoms Learning Annex located in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Combination of hands-on training/Live Projects with career prospects
Quadrev has a perfect combination of theoretical, practical and industry oriented curriculum. We offer courses that help you get professional working experience in your Telecom careers.We believe in pure practical and Industry oriented training in the shortest possible time.

Our Credo

We empower individuals, and support corporate organizations, Schools and higher institutions of learning in Africa in modern Telecoms technologies

Our Vision

To be a leader in the provisioning of professional technical training and support services, in telecommunications Technology reaching all nooks of the African continent. We aspire to develop ideas (applications) and leaders to meet up with the unprecedented telecoms technology challenges, specifically, Africa’s dearth of skilled telecoms Engineers in order to help reposition them for local and global opportunities.

Fundamentals of Radio Frequency Engineering

2015/2016 Curriculum to be covered

  • Telecoms in Nigeria today (Introduction, Opportunities to start your Career)
  • Fundamentals of RF Engineering (2G/3G Radio Network Planning i.e. Coverage and Capacity Planning, Frequency Planning)
  • 2G/3G Radio Network Drive Test (Log Data Collection)
  • Introduction to current 2015/2016 projects with Telecom Service Providers (EMTS, GLO, MTN, Airtel)
  • 2G/3G Radio Network Data Analysis and Optimization (Use of different OEM Soft-wares)
  • Exploring GSM/UMTS, EGPRS/HSPA Exploring Wireless Landscape
  • Road to 4G LTE

School of LTE and Advanced Wireless Communication

2016 Curriculum to be covered

  • LTE Technology Overview LTE Essentials
  • LTE Protocols and Signaling
  • LTE Planning and Design certification
  • LTE Advance and Beyond
  • IP v6 for LTE Networks
  • LTE and GSM/UMTS Interworking
  • Practical 2G/3G and LTE Network Optimization

Advanced Telecommunications

For specialist telecommunication engineers with sufficient exposure in 3G & 3.75G Technology with Practical Exposure. Purpose-built Telecommunications training in our School for Advanced Technologies in Banglore India.
Our Finishing school in Banglore India makes it an option and affords our student learning on cutting edge technologies (3.75G HSPA+, 4G LTE and LTE-A) with latest RF optimization software and tools coupled with International practical working experience backed with an industry standard certificate . This aids our students to have a robust practical experience when they get back to Nigeria.
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Our Faculty

We mean Serious Business

Quadrev’s teams of Experienced RF Engineers deliver highly reliable services to our clients. Our RF Engineers are highly adept at handling the latest RF investigation tools like TEMS Drive Test Kits and Genex Probe.Quadrev provides the following Radio Frequency Engineering services for all wireless Networks (GSM, CDMA &WiMax).
We consult on high end Radio Frequency Engineering projects that require technical expertise for your special projects in the following areas:

  • RF Site Survey and Site Selection
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Network Air Interface Testing & Optimization
  • Network Comparative Drive Tests and Benchmarking
  • Network parameter settings, optimization and interference control.
  • Network Audits, QoS Analysis and Benchmarking Services.
  • Radio Network Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Testing and Optimization
  • Cellular Network Drive Testing and Parameters Optimization

Quadrev Telecoms has executed the following Radio Frequency Planning and Optimization projects in the past 5 years with the help of its skilled and well trained personnel who are qualified and certified by Global Institutes around the world

MTN Rural Telephony Project RF 2G DT & Optimization (South-East Nigeria)
Airtel NG Cluster Drive (North East/North West Nigeria)
2G/3G Performance Drive – Lagos Clean-up Project (Airtel Pre Launch Nigeria)
Bharti Airtel 2G/3G Drive Test (Ananthapur, Andra-Pradesh, India)
MTN NG Modernization Project (North East/North West/South East Nigeria)
Etisalat NG Turnkey Project (North Central/North Eastern Nigeria)
MTN Radio Frequency Survey North West Nigeria
MTN Nigeria Technical Site Survey (Rural Telephone Project North West Nigeria)
Airtel 2G/3G Benchmark Drive Test and Optimization (North-East/North West Nigeria)
GLO Cluster Drive Test and Optimization (North Central, Nigeria)

Limited Seats Center Per Batch

We train selected candidates; 10 RF engineers per batch. Satisfactory performance of the first batch at the HANDS ON certification exams is paramount. Our entire energy and focus will be on every present batch.
We offer short and extremely comprehensive telecoms training based on live projects/practical within 30 Days. We are a leading authority in Radio Frequency and Optimization training outfit staffed with brilliant and well exposed trainers with foreign and local field experiences.
Our offer provides the best approach to learning in a short period of time thereby helping our students to secure a robust Job faster. We provide a 24/7hr support and advice for Job Placement opportunities, Internship Placement and Career advice
We make use of our scenario learning model in which our trainees learn on the Job from the first day of training. We believe more in practical experience, which makes our students the best Engineers in the Telecoms Industry today and prepares them for higher technologies.

Our Approach

Pioneered by Quadrev faculty, and one of the highlights of the Quadrev experience, the “scenario method” is a profound educational innovation designed and delivered in the context of our client’s specific educational and business needs that presents telecoms engineering greatest challenges confronting leading telecoms companies, and field engineers—complete with the constraints and incomplete information found in real telecoms issues—and places the student in the role of the telecoms field Engineer.

Career Change Offer

For Prospective individuals with little or no background in Telecommunications, as well as science background.

Basic Telecommunications Offer

For persons with Science and Engineering Background (Elect/Elect; Computer Science & Engineering, Physics) at degree/higher diploma level but now going into telecommunications.


30 Days -> 30% Theory and 70% Practicals

Career Path Duration
Radio Frequency Planning & Optimization 30 Days
Drive Test & Radio Frequency Planning Engineer: 30 Days


The program is completely delivered by Experienced Field Engineers and Consultants, providing participants thorough understanding of Telecom Technologies, equipments, post-processing soft-ware in a real time work environment