Embedded System

Embedded system technology is one of the key success factors in reversing the trend in the African continent from being only a provider of raw materials to a provider of local technology solutions to enhance productivity from small and medium scale to high end manufacturing. Embedded systems are employed to improve efficiency, productivity, and product innovations.

Quadrev Focuses on building capacity in Application Areas, which include Agricultural sector and Consumer electronics. Our focal point in embedded system platforms include high speed digital designs, real-time kernels, energy aware systems, Embedded system networking (protocol designs, wired and wireless transmissions) and Embedded system nm interfacing (sensors and actuators etc.) for each application area. The extensive and increasing use of embedded systems and their integration in everyday products marks a significant evolution in information science and technology.

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We offer Training on Embedded Systems

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) is what we aim at. Modern electronic design is now automated and electronic devices and gadgets used in educational, industrial, consumer electronics and even military application are done with EDA software such as ISIS which we aim to teach.
Course Duration: 50 CONTACT HOURS

Our Mission

  • To build capacity and skill-set for the advancement of the Embedded System technology tailored to suit local industry needs across Africa
  • To use the embedded system technology to enhance the strength of existing and new industries to build national competitiveness.

Education Program

Quadrev Learning Annex for Embedded Systems is a well-established training & embedded system and software development cluster. We aim to seed, nurture and grow the embedded system hub in Nigeria, which involves engaging the in-exhaustive pool of Talents within Africa. This cluster has built a strong team for Hands-on Embedded hardware, Firmware design, Programmable logic design, Board design as well as Digital signal processing. We are dedicated to build capacity for students all over secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Advantages to your Course of Study and Career

By getting involved with Quadrev Learning Annex Program in Embedded Systems trainees gain hands-on experience and skills for the ever-growing technology market. We build capacity to enhance our trainees skill-set in the following ways and much more

  • Develop simple applications using microcontrollers
  • Satisfactorily work on basic development environment in microcontroller based development
  • Provide insight into Advanced Embedded design & development courses
  • Provide insight for project and design options for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in different Universities around the world
  • Quadrev provides affordable development kits for students all over Africa
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