IT Consulting

there is no going back! We live in a connected, wired world.

Organizations in Africa are increasingly reliant on information and communication technology (ICT) to perform efficiently. We have developed an ICT consultancy framework with audits, assessments and action plans to assist new and pre-existing organizations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.

An “A” playing organization has the appropriate hardware, software, knowledge and skills to use technology to extend organizational vision, goals and achievement. Every organization can be optimized by using technology to make better operation of its systems, reduce bureaucracy, increase networks, which will ultimately lead to better support for its clients and the community.

Our Consulting Team conducts audits and creates ICT action plans with recommendations and activities to facilitate a robust IT Infrastructure.

Our Approach

  • An Inventory of your current ICT Structure that includes Computers, Networks & Servers
  • Recommendations for Upgrading Hardware and Software
  • An Examination of your Back-up Procedure, General housekeeping Tips
  • A Review of your Network and Server Setup
  • Reviewing of your Phone and Internet plans with advice on cost savings for the African Market
  • A security health check, to check if computers are missing important updates
  • Links to other resources, Recommendations for staff training

Our ICT Action Plan include

  • Benefits to your organization
  • Improved management of operational technology
  • Cost savings for telecommunications
  • Increased productivity
  • Flexible and efficient workforce