What's with this programme?

The Quadrev creative computing program is an Educational and Community Development Outreach Program designed to empower and expose kids between ages 6 to 18 years to creative computing at an early age – a way to make use of computers creatively to solve problems...

We have a vision to mentor a new generation of Nigerian Kids to be more vibrant creators of technology instead of consumers of it.

Provide creative computing education to kids with little or no access to technology education, with basics of creative computing technologies, basic hands-on electronics and STEM education at an early age.

To present the computer as an extremely creative instrument i.e. Inspire youths within the range of 6-18 years in Nigeria to become creative engineers at an early age i.e. help Kids develop creative skills as they grow and create challenges that sparks their imagination.

Our Educational Outreach Programmes

Holiday Boot Camp for Ages (6 – 10yrs) | (11 – 14yrs) | (15 – 18yrs).

It’s a fun class where your kids learn computer programming skills through interactive and exciting projects, creating animated stories and bringing their imaginations to life.

Building Simple Robots using DIY LEGO ROBOT Kits

Your child will learn how to build and program robots with software while developing new skills and having great fun!

Learning Basic Electronics using Spark Fun Inventors Kit

Kids have more fun learning basic Electronics, Robotics and Circuit designs early enough to become seasoned electronics enthusiast through DIY kits from Sparkfun..

Using Raspberry Pi.

Using Raspberry Pi, a tiny computer that Kids use to learn programming through fun, practical project For Basic Computer Hardware Programming and Applications skills

Using Alice to learn basic Object-oriented programming

An innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy for specified age groups to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video

Building an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Designing, building and piloting a multirotor unmanned aerial vehicle with manual/hand-held and autonomous flight experience for post secondary schools students.

Our Classes

Holiday Boot Camps/Term-time programs

Age Class Level Modules
6-10yrs Primary 1-6 Beginners Class • Introduction to Scratch: Kids Learn programming using scratch
• Introduction to Story Telling using Scratch
• Hands-on use of Makey Makey for Arts and Music
11-14yrs JSS 1-3 Intermediate Class • Introduction to gaming
• Introduction to Raspberry Pi
• Introduction to Spark-fun Electronics
14yrs Above SS 1-3 Advanced Class • Introduction to advanced gaming using Scratch
• Raspberry pi for automation projects
• Introduction to Python programming
• Application development using Spark-fun Electronics
16yrs Above Post Secondary Expert Class • Introduction to Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
• Hand-held and Autonomous Flight
• Integrating UAV with smart and intelligent sensors

Our Approach to Learning

• Hands-on
• Interactive
• Fun while Learning
• Do IT Yourself (DIY)
• Sustainability through Mentorships programs and Partnerships
• Train the Trainers Program

Participation with Lifelong Benefits

• Your child builds capacity to be a computer programmer at an early age
• Participation in our Yearly Creative Computing Competition for different Age Groups across schools in Nigeria
• Access to Creative Computing Blogs and Interactive Forum for each Age Group
• Access to our Kit equipped Hubs/Labs with exposure to electronics, soldering of electronic boards e.t.c.
• Membership of our Creative Computing Club for specified Age Groups

Quadrev Mentorship Programmes

Quadrev Unmanned Autonomous Systems Mentorship and Research Partnership with Covenant University.

• Quadrev Limited partnership with National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) on Creative Computing Outreach Program for Public Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Quadrev Home grown Home Automation Project (On going)

Our Team

Ahmad Idris

Lead, Technical Trainer/Embedded Systems (Quadrev Creative Computing Programs)

Teaching is his passion and facilitating personal growth is his mission. He started his career at HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES, Nigeria Limited as a Field Operation and Maintenance personnel in 2006. He moved ahead to being a teaching assistance at No1 Tutors, Wolverhampton England, where he helped students in Mathematics and science based subjects.  He specializes in embedded systems design automation with special skills in Power electronics, Digital systems, C programming, MATLAB, systems engineering, VHDL, Analogue and digital electronics, Radio frequency, Electrical Distribution, Advanced Communication Systems. He holds a joint Honors (B.Eng.) Electronics/communications Engineering from the University of Birmingham with Lab stints in Beijing, China.

Tolulope Oluwatunbi

Research Project Lead – Quadrev-Covenant University Undergraduate Mentorship Program on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

His wealth of experience in hardware’s diagnostics, installation and maintenance is a compelling factor that has attracted many young minds to him over the years. He is a graduate of Building Technology in Covenant University with an undaunted appetite to revolutionize Africa by adopting IT means and also capacity building. He is known for precision and quality delivery in executing projects. He has over 9 -years hands-on experience managing projects in Embedded electronic systems, Automation Systems, Immersive Learning and Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS).

Alabi Ayodeji

Research Project Lead, Hardware – Quadrev-Covenant University Undergraduate Mentorship Program on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

He holds a joint honor (Bachelor of Technology) in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. He started his career in New Horizon Systems Solution as an IT Consultant and Instructor, where he was able to train young minds on several ICT courses. He has years of experience in Hardware and Networking and has guide many young minds along that path. He specializes and researches on Terrestrial Robotics, Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS), Unmanned Underwater Autonomous System (UUAS) and general applications of Internet-of-Things (IOT). He also holds certification in CCNA, CCNP and CRM.

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